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Esschert Design

Insect Hotel


Offer several species of insects a home with this insect hotel.

Made of 3 compartments with a metal roof:

Red door with latch: Fill this with straw to hibernate in the colder months - simply lift the latch to open the door.

Holes in wood: The holes in the blocks of wood will be used as a nesting space by many insects.

Hollow sticks: Wild bees will occupy tubes at the top. Masonry bees will choose the holes measuring 3-7mm whereas Hylaeus will occupy holes measuring 2-4mm. 

Choose a sunny location with protection from the wind and rain. Make sure to face the hotel south and the entrance to be easily seen by insects. Placing your hotel near herbs, blossoming flowers, shrubs and trees will ensure a fully booked hotel! 

H24 x W18 x D14.5 cm