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Smoking & Curing Masterclass


Thursday 22nd September 2022

This practical masterclass will teach you all the artisan crafts needed to create authentic cured and smoked products such as bacon or hot smoked mackerel pate. These traditional, artisan methods that celebrate time as an ingredient will help you unlock the ancient knowledge that transforms fresh meat and fish into classic cured products and introduce techniques such as air drying that dismisses the notion of ‘use by and sell by’ as well as intensifying flavour.



Our expert tutor Steven Lamb will guide you through the techniques of dry curing, brining (wet curing), hot and cold smoking as well as fermentation. We’ll start with a brief chat on where curing and smoking sits in the pantheon of culinary arts and focus on the special ingredient of salt as the curing agent. We’ll move on to some basic butchery, to discover where the best curing and smoking products can be found and then focus on applying the various methods mentioned above. As time forms an integral part of the curing and smoking process there will be examples of pre-made products for tasting which will also act as a guide in terms of how products change throughout the process.

Curing and smoking techniques are the beginning of cookery and anyone attending this workshop will be tapping into the culturally significant ancient knowledge that allowed our ancestors to utilise fire and eventually preserve gluts of food for times when there was little to eat. These methods open the citadel to all those sweet, savoury smoky and spicey flavours that elevate flavours to a whole new level. Typically, we will make bacon or pancetta, chorizo and salami as well as hot smoked pork tenderloin and mackerel pate. From the cold smoker we will create a range of smoked cheese or butter as well as salmon or trout.

This is the perfect workshop to fine tune existing skills or develop new ones whether you want to make single products or create platters and mezzes of outstanding charcuterie.


Program for the day

9.30 – 10.00 arrival tea / coffee and homemade bacon taster

The day starts with a brief introduction to the art of curing & smoking and where it fits culturally in the culinary world. Next there will be a session of butchery, breaking down a side of pork which will help to recognise where the best cuts are made to create perfect joints for curing and smoking. Everybody will make their own bacon from pork belly in this session before breaking for lunch

1.30 – 2.15 Lunch

In the afternoon session we will mince pork shoulder to create cooking chorizo and salami. Then we will cover brining with an opportunity to use game such as pheasant or pigeon breast and discover the benefit in using a wet cure. We will then move onto hot and cold smoking to round the day off with a hot smoked pork tenderloin or mackerel pate and a cold smoked fish. 

4.30 End


Skills Covered

After a day attending our Curing and Smoking Workshop you will have the skills and confidence to do basic butchery as well as applying the methods of dry curing, wet curing hot and cold smoking as well as fermentation to make an array of classic, authentic products. You will also have first-hand knowledge of what the best equipment and sundries to use and where to source it. Each attendee will leave with a booklet of methods and recipes to help support their onward learning journey.


Typical Products Made

  • Bacon / Pancetta
  • Salami
  • Cooking Chorizo
  • Hot smoked fish and pork tenderloin
  • Cold smoked salmon or trout, cheese and butter


     About Steven

    Steven Lamb is a presenter, curing & smoking guru, culinary consultant and award-winning author.

    His extensive food knowledge and natural talent for presenting and hosting has put him at the centre of many of the best live and virtual food shows and festivals. He is an internationally renowned expert and regularly teaches at the top leading UK and International cookery schools as well as mentoring professionals in some of the world’s best restaurants and hotel groups helping to develop their own in-house, signature products.

    Beyond the kitchen, Steven uses his experience and extensive network to help launch emerging food brands and consult on projects for individuals and large organisations.

    Steven is the author of two books, the award-winning River Cottage: Curing & Smoking and more recently River Cottage: Cheese & Dairy. He also writes on an array of subjects for print and online.