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Symondsbury Estate

Pig in a Day Masterclass


Wednesday 21st September 2022

This comprehensive, hands-on course is for anyone wanting to improve their repertoire of culinary skills whether you are a chef or an enthusiastic cook. We’ll cover the complete pig to plate journey from how to keep pigs and then process a whole side of pork into amazing products via basic butchery to in-depth artisan methods such as curing, sausage making and small goods such as pate. The day is a practical course given under close tuition whereby we encourage everyone to take part and have a go. The course is designed to accommodate small groups so that each participant is fully engaged in the process.



Each course begins with advice on how to apply or recognise best practices in rearing pigs. Not everyone who attends will want to keep pigs but as consumers it is always good to understand what efforts go into making high quality pork as they will inevitably always make superior products. Breaking down the carcass on the butcher’s block is next and going through different cuts and techniques to eventually arrive at a range of recognisable joints ready to cook or process further. Understanding the provenance of certain products and where they are taken from the carcass is key to good basic butchery.

After the morning session there will be a delicious communal lunch cooked by the Kitchen Team at Symondsbury Estate. This forms an integral part of the day and is a moment to enjoy each other’s company and taste delicious porky treats. The afternoon sessions are all about processes which create well known classics such as bacon, sausages and pates which each attendee will take home.


Program for the day

9.30 – 10.00 arrival tea / coffee and homemade bacon taster

Intro to recognising high welfare, basic butchery breaking the carcass into primary cuts

1.30 – 2.15 Lunch

Further processing pork into secondary cuts, curing techniques, sausage and pate making

4.30 End


Skills Covered 

After a day attending our Pork Workshop you will have the skills and confidence to break down a whole side of pork in your own domestic kitchen and turning it into an array of roasting joints and smaller goods. You will also have first-hand knowledge of what the best equipment and sundries to use and where to source it. Each attendee will leave with a booklet of methods and recipes to support their onward learning journey.


    About Steven

    Steven Lamb is a presenter, curing & smoking guru, culinary consultant and award-winning author.

    His extensive food knowledge and natural talent for presenting and hosting has put him at the centre of many of the best live and virtual food shows and festivals. He is an internationally renowned expert and regularly teaches at the top leading UK and International cookery schools as well as mentoring professionals in some of the world’s best restaurants and hotel groups helping to develop their own in-house, signature products.

    Beyond the kitchen, Steven uses his experience and extensive network to help launch emerging food brands and consult on projects for individuals and large organisations.

    Steven is the author of two books, the award-winning River Cottage: Curing & Smoking and more recently River Cottage: Cheese & Dairy. He also writes on an array of subjects for print and online.